Cherry Creek Arts and Culinary Festival

We had a fantastic weekend at the Cherry Creek Arts and Culinary Festival in Denver. We had a pop up garden at the Francis Ford Coppola wine tent, and were teaching  sustainable gardening, dryland farming, and answering basic questions to beginners who are ready to start growing their own food.

It was a great weekend of ag conversations, environmental conversations, with a couple of snobby wine conversations for diversity. It was fun to be sharing knowledge in an informal setting like that, and we are looking forward to the San Diego Arts Festival in August, to do it again.

Another excellent part of the experience was just being able to check out the art work that was featured there. I have been to many different festivals with Compass Green, and quite often there are some really good art pieces, but at Cherry Creek, almost every work I saw impressed with its originality and quality. I fully recommend experiencing it sometime.

Cherry Creek 1 Cherry Creek 2