One week left!

IMG_20151118_125226611 IMG_20151201_082150372 IMG_20151113_130925229 IMG_20151117_170722535_HDRIt has been an amazingly rewarding tour through the San Francisco Bay Area this fall. So far we’ve reached approximately 4,000 students, met with Master Gardeners, school garden coordinators, and parent volunteers.

We have felt very fortunate to share our love of food and the planet with so many young people, and as always we learn quite a bit, even though we are supposed to be the teachers. We learn things like the fact that whales can have a gestation period up to 18 months, or that the Garden Huckleberries that I have growing in my truck are also known as sun berries and were developed by the horticulturist Luther Burbank, in Santa Rosa, and that there is a similar plant commonly eaten in southern Mexico.

I met people from the towns that have completely run out of water, and met farmers who are utilizing water-efficient techniques that improve the soil and increase production. We had engine breakdowns, DIY moments, and experienced the kindness of strangers. As always, it has been quite a ride.

Here’s to one more week of teaching in 2015!