Greetings from CG’s newest intern

This spring, we are very happy to welcome Luiz Silveira to the teaching team. Luiz wanted to say hello himself. See below…

Hi! My name is Luiz, I’m a Brazilian business student living in Oakland. Although environmental matters and social justice were subjects I was always interested in, back in my country these are tough subjects to find through organized communities, and information is usually unavailable. On the other hand, living in California helped me meet so many people and innovative projects that totally shifted my negative mindset to a more hopeful attitude by the amount of effort I’ve seen here for a sustainable future.

On this search, I ended up meeting Angie, Justin’s awesome truck, and reached him to learn more about his project. Fortunately, I was chosen to assist with Compass Green and it’s been great to absorb so much knowledge on sustainability and farming techniques, specifically the Bio-intensive method. Growing up in Brazil, I remember how certain teachers impacted me on my views about the environment we live in; and being able to help students through the project’s alternative approach on farming education is a very gratifying experience!

I’m glad to join the team and hope for the best through 2016’s tour.Luiz

Spring Is Here And CG Is Rolling Out!

but we’re not rolling far… For the first time since we started in Brooklyn 5 years ago, Compass Green is doing a hometown tour! Over the last 5 years we’ve been all over the country, nominally calling Iowa home, but now we are officially establishing our home base in Oakland California, and to fix our roots here properly (you know I love the garden metaphors) this spring we are going to be teaching in Oakland schools, working with the City of Oakland, and connecting with other like-minded local folks in order to reach those who are not like-minded at all.

Wonder what we’ve planted? Well we’re planting similar to what we had on that first tour on the east coast, a healthy bunch of brassicas and salad greens, lots of diverse basil varieties, hot peppers, and instead of amaranth for our compost crop, we’re growing south eastern Iowa’s very own Chief Appanoose heirloom popcorn, so that we don’t completely forget where we come from.

If you haven’t yet planted, it’s not (completely) too late! Get those greens in the ground, and if you haven’t tried it before, Biointensive farming will increase your yields sustainably! Check out this informative (polite term) YouTube series to learn how it’s done: IMG_20160411_100831475 IMG_20160411_100854177 IMG_20160412_165653023 IMG_20160413_164644331 IMG_20160404_135008350 IMG_20160406_103902146

Happy Earth Month,