4 Blue Ribbons at Maker Faire 2016!

Wow, 1 week since Maker Faire, and I’m only now finally able to write about it. We taught at several schools last week, keeping us very busy, but it is worth mentioning what an awesome success the Faire was.

We spoke to hundreds and hundreds of people, about companion planting, water-saving techniques including oyas, soil preparation, and answered many specific garden questions. Our 2 workshops were packed, and to top it all off, we ended up winning 4 BLUE RIBBONS! This is really a huge honor for us because, as I got to see, there were many truly amazing projects at the faire.

This will continue to be one of the few festivals we attend, as the audience there really comes to learn, to engage, and to grow. Thank you to all the organizers, especially Kim Dow, and a big thank you to my team of volunteers who answered questions and lead greenhouse tours for the entirety of that very busy weekend!



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