Ahhh, a few day’s rest.

I’ve got two surfboards in the mobile greenhouse. Each time I teach somewhere, some student will ask about them. I tell them John Jeavons’ definition for sustainability, from How To Grow More Vegetables: a system is sustainable when it can “thrive and flourish indefinitely.” I love this definition, because it I think it is much more correct than to talk about a system that can sustain itself or survive indefinitely. It’s not enough to just survive. If only the needs for survival are met, it’s not truly sustainable. Nature, like human beings (which are part of nature) wants abundance. So for my own sustainability, I don’t just teach all the time, even though I love it. I need rest and activity, so I’ve scheduled myself a few days off to rest up and surf.

Also during the rest period I get the opportunity to see what cool things others are doing. Yesterday I visited The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano. It is an amazing place with an excellent team of people who are educating in an exciting and practical way about food, water, shelter, and the environment. It was an inspiring visit and something I hope to encounter more often as I travel through a country that is transitioning to a more sustainable existence.

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