Angie complains

Heat exhaustion took the best of Angie March the 13th at about 1:55 pm. Her gas pedal refused to accelerate and we pulled the ol’ lady over to assess the situation. A leak, or leaks had sprung and there was a drip-dropping from every square inch of the engine. Tubes of all sorts, steel and rubber were free floating and there was work to be done. Being at the end of the day on Friday, no parts were available to us at the local auto mechanics shop so, luckily there was a friend nearby who whisked Justin away to the closest Isuzu parts shop to pick up the necessary pieces. I stayed back to look after ol’ Angie. Luck was certainly on our side as Justin received a few hints as to how to manage the repairs that were needed to move the truck once again. Upon his return we opened the big lady up and operated. Interestingly enough the operation itself was really quite simple. All that it took were the right parts and a little putting together. Thank god for my past experience with K’nex, Legos and Linc’n Logs. The practice I received when I was a young lass with such “toys” really came in handy, although I never thought I’d use it to replace an injector line.

After a relaxing weekend on Laguna Beach with a bunch of generous friends who shared their home with us we are now ready for week three. Tomorrow we will be at St. James Catholic School in Torrence, California. Last week we spent two days at Bethune Middle School, Los Angeles and three days at Sheridan Way Elementary School, Ventura. Justin, Angie and I were sure tickled to be guests at the school for the consecutive day runs as students from the previous days’ tours came to greet us with their generous smiles and curiosity repeatedly whenever the opportunity arose.

Stay tuned and we will be touching base to include you in this week’s experiences.

Cheers, All!

-Emily June


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