Sunset Magazine Article Woohoo!

Many of you know about the little article that came out on Compass Green in the latest issue of Sunset Magazine. What you don’t know is the huge effect that it is having on us.

In the week since it came out, we’ve had over 60 interested schools contact us, and several museums, companies, and other organizations reach out to arrange a visit. While we won’t be able to get to all of them, our intern team is currently doing research on the socio-economic status of the schools to help figure out where we would have the greatest impact.

Lot’s of people have congratulated me recently, saying what a success Compass Green is becoming, and they are right. Not because of the publicity that we garner along the way though, but because of the 8,000+ students we have reached.

It looks like the concise and well-written Sunset article is going to help us to reach even more students too, so I am happy. Tomorrow, those students will be the young ones at an elementary school in Sacramento, CA.

Ever onwards,

-JustinSunset 1

Spring Tour reaches 1,000 students!

10014914_617779364972128_1961314602_o 1618268_617779154972149_470932018_o 1836759_617787444971320_1787488573_oJust two weeks into the Spring Tour, and we have already surpassed the 1,000 student mark! It has been a wonderful tour so far, having visited two middle schools and several elementary schools.

Usually, we focus on high schools but we are enjoying educating a younger audience. We have adjusted our activities to be more hands-on, and have created several garden games in order to engage younger children. This has resulted in lots more laughter and silliness, and certainly is a pleasure for us as teachers.

Today I’ll teach at another elementary school in Sacramento, and am excited to show the students our rain water catchment system in action, as today California is receiving some desperately needed rain.

Looking forward to sharing more news when I have time.



Tour Week One: Check!

On Tuesday we began our 2014 Spring Tour by teaching 221 middle school students
in San Jose. On Wednesday and Thursday we taught at schools in San Francisco, bringing the the number of students reached in our first week to over 700 students.

photo 1

It was a such a joy to be in front of a room full of students again. Their curiosity, energy, and spunk drove us to keep pace with them and develop new activities to engage them and deepen their understanding of agriculture and sustainability. It is such a good fortune to be challenged like this each day.

Next week we’ll be teaching in both Sacramento and San Francisco, and as the tour progresses, we’ll keep you updated on all of the exciting experiences we have.

Getting ready for the Spring Tour


Compass Green is gearing up for an awesome spring tour in Northern California. We’ll be going to 15 schools in the Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Areas. Our plants are growing nicely, and our quinoa is knee high, and we are working on our fuel system so that we can get to all the schools in an environmentally friendly way!

As the state of California suffers from the worst drought in its history, We feel very glad that our Biointensive garden has so much humus in the soil, and that the close plant spacing is holding the moisture in. Hopefully this drought will make conventional farmers aware that that style of farming is not going to make it, and if they want to stay in business (and if we want to keep eating) they’ll have to look to something more sustainable that can handle this changing climate.

Our hearts go out to all the communities that are already suffering from this drought. To all those in the rest of the country, don’t go out without your wooly scarves!