Fall Tour First Stop: Heirloom Expo!

Today was our first day on the road, and Justin and I woke up at the crack of dawn to drive Angie up to Santa Rosa for the National Heirloom Expo at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds.  The annual fair hosts countless speakers, vendors, and exhibitors dedicated to educating visitors about the benefits of organic, non-GMO foods.  We had plenty of time to plant brussel sprouts, oregano, kale, shiso, turmeric, and tons of other seedlings in the garden before the fair began.  By 9:00am, excited school groups flooded the field we parked on, all of the visiting students eager to get their hands on some veggie knowledge.  We spent the day giving tours of the bus to youth (who already knew their fair hand of gardening facts), having conversations with folks about their own gardens and agricultural work, and sipping cardamom pear Kombucha from one of the exposition’s fermented food stands.  I was so happy to see and meet countless individuals who care for learning about farming and sustainable agriculture as much as they care about passing the knowledge onto future generations that will surely be responsible for carrying this country’s food system towards a brighter future.

We will be here for the next two days, so if you see this before then, stop by!

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