Fava Time!

Like many of you, I planted a cover crop of Fava Beans over the winter, and like many of you, I couldn’t bring myself to cut them all down before harvest time.

For those who don’t know, in order to keep all that lovely nitrogen in the soil you need to cut down the favas when they are about 80% flowering. If they start producing beans, it pulls the nitrogen back out of the soil.

However, if you were too much of a wimp to cut it back, and ignore all that delicious bean potential. You’re probably looking at some nice green pods right now. These you can collect when they’re fresh (the size of a pea or so) and prepare them like green beans. Or, you can wait until they dry on the plants, harvest and save the beans, then use all that nice dry biomass of the stalks for your compost pile.

Anyway, enjoy the spring treats!

Also if you haven’t eaten favas before, and you feel like you are having some sort of negative reaction afterwards, seek medical help immediately, as a small percentage of the population is susceptible to something called Broad Bean Poisoning.

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