Look Ma, we’re famous!

Compass Green is now on the Disney Channel! At the end of the Spring Tour, I spent several days being filmed for Disney’s series Pass The Plate. On Monday, when we were teaching in eastern OR, I was curious why all these students kept coming up and asking for my autograph. Now I know why, the Disney spot has gone to air! Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tk0WxOBwFrs

Although it just went live, lots of family and friends have been congratulating me on it, to which I am very grateful, and feel immeasurably stoked! It’s worth mentioning, that this is super exciting not because more strangers are recognizing my face, but because kids who are in front of their television all over the country are getting shown an image of the adventures that can be had out in the sunshine, working with edible plants.

I am so excited that so many people will be learning about sustainability, and I will continue my project so that more people can learn the skills and reasons for growing a greater percentage of their diet, no matter what their living situation is, even if it’s just a hammock in the back of a big truck.

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