Oregon and Washington, Here We Come!

Next week we are heading out for our 2014 Fall Tour through the Pacific Northwest! We are incredible excited, and doing all the last minute work to get our crops in, our veggie oil system functioning well, and all the schools scheduled and confirmed. It is going to be an amazing tour, and we are hoping for some more responses like the ones below, from our Spring Tour through Northern California:

“You know, we have many speakers come to this school, but I think this may be the best presentation we’ve ever had.”

-Leo Fuchs, Principal, Learning Without Limits


“It was a brief, clear presentation on what is sustainability, and what it takes to grow food in that manner.”

-Karla Gurrero, Teacher, Monroe MS


“The tour of the greenhouse was of greatest interest to the students and the hands on nature of it was great. Also, getting their own plants to grow was a huge hit. There are several growing in my classroom and students have said they’re growing them at home too. Students are constantly checking on the plants here. I also think the images in the presentation were powerful and helped students stay engaged and relate to the presentation.”

-Kari Bohlen, Teacher, Paul Revere MS


“Our goal as a class was to have the students exposed to, and to become more aware of where their food comes from. I believe that they were able to glean a beginning understanding of sustainable energy and why it is important in the context of growing their own food.

I think that having the students climb into the moveable greenhouse & seeing plants firsthand was the strongest part of the program. Our students have very few chances to do hands-on learning, so being able to use their eyes to observe was a powerful tool.”

-Ester Dahl, Teacher, Monroe MS


“Particularly strong: the enthusiasm, empathy, dedication, and knowledge that Justin and Potato shared with the kids.  The idea of a self-contained, travelling, perfect little garden is like a fairy tale come true to a 12-year-old.”

-Molly Deich, Teacher, New Brighton MS


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