Middle School

Our middle school curriculum offers the following:

  • Interactive power point presentation on sustainability and why it is important for us to be able to grow our own food. The presentation is 20 minutes long and can be given as a school-wide assembly or to individual classes.
  • 20 minute greenhouse tours to smaller groups or individual classes.  The tour will demonstrate the sustainable farming methods we are using, and allow students to see first hand how food is grown. At the end of every tour each student will  start their own garden by planting a seed so that will grow in the weeks that follow. Tours are most effective in groups of 25 students or less.
  • 20 minute in class discussion about where food comes from, how it is grown, and why eating fresh, sustainably grown food is better for the environment and one’s own health. The discussion leads students to recognize issues within their immediate food system, and come up with creative solutions to make it more sustainable.

All school programs include the opportunity for a 15-30 minute consultation with, faculty, and administrators on how to implement a school garden. If your school already has a school garden, we can provide insight on how to make the garden more sustainable and/or productive.

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