Our University level curriculum offers the following:

  • One and a half hour lecture on sustainability and the world food situation with an introduction to Bio-Intensive Sustainable Agriculture. This power-pointpresentation educates students about the state of affairs of our global food system and the great challenges that are facing us. It is both informative and uplifting, and focuses on the practical positive steps that can be taken in each of our lives to turn our present situation of scarcity into one of abundance.
  • Full or half day workshop on BioIntensive Agriculture covering the following:

⁃    Soil Preparation (double digging demo available)
⁃    Seed Propagation (transplanting demo available)
⁃    Companion Planting
⁃    Compost (compost building demo available)
⁃    Carbon and Calorie Crops
⁃    Income Crops
⁃    Seed Saving
⁃    Whole System Farming

Our Biointensive sustainable agriculture workshops equip students with the skills to address the problems described in our presentations. Students gain an understanding of the essentials of sustainable farming–from composting and soil preparation to companion planting and seed propagation. Our workshops teach novices to start and maintain a healthy garden and offer experienced farmers more sustainable and productive growing techniques.

  • Our multi-day university programs can include guest lecturing in one or several relevant classes (i.e. Environment, Agriculture, Social Justice, etc.) as well as setting up our greenhouse truck in a prominent location and giving greenhouse tours to passing students.

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