SoCal Spring Tour Begins!

Anybody wondering what we have been up to in these months of radio dark? Exactly what you want us to be doing: we have been planning a powerful 2015, with tours through southern California in the spring, and northern California in the fall! In the summer we’ll be doing events in San Diego, Denver, and San Francisco.

In California, spring is already here, which means that we are on tour again! Yep, it is crazy, but while my home state of Iowa is getting 8 inches in a blizzard,  I am planting stevia, spinach, and tomatoes in CA, and watching as ornamental pear trees explode in their stinky blossoms.

Yesterday, we started the tour with a stop at Foothills College, in Los Altos, and today we are teaching at in Paso Robles.

Our tour will take us through Ventura, LA, and San Diego, and we will be especially focusing on connecting schools with ongoing sustainability programs, and working with them to create learning gardens for their students.

Stay up to date with us through our Facebook and Instagram accounts! In the meantime, I will try to get better at blogging.




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