Spring Tour reaches 1,000 students!

Just two weeks into the Spring Tour, and we have already surpassed the 1,000 student mark! It has been a wonderful tour so far, having visited two middle schools and several elementary schools.

Usually, we focus on high schools but we are enjoying educating a younger audience. We have adjusted our activities to be more hands-on, and have created several garden games in order to engage younger children. This has resulted in lots more laughter and silliness, and certainly is a pleasure for us as teachers.

Today I’ll teach at another elementary school in Sacramento, and am excited to show the students our rain water catchment system in action, as today California is receiving some desperately needed rain.

Looking forward to sharing more news when I have time.




One thought on “Spring Tour reaches 1,000 students!

  1. I think your idea is great!!! Wish I would of thought about it when I was a younger woman!!! Keep on Teaching and Trucking!!!!

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