Whew! Life’s busy on the road…

I was feeling pretty nervous a week before Friday—Justin and I were about to visit our first elementary school of the tour in San Fransisco, which was going to be my first full-on teaching opportunity.  However, I immediately felt foolish for feeling so nervous once the first group of kids arrived at Angie’s footsteps.  The students were not only the most adorable little humans I had ever seen, but all so eager to learn!  They made my job feel easy by jumping up and down with excitement, raising their hands to express their love for broccoli and carrots, and sharing genuine “oohs” and “ahhs” when they learned of Angie’s magical ability to run on French Fry oil.

Then came our second day teaching at the same school and the students continued to amaze me with their engagement and enthusiasm.  One student could hardly leave the truck behind, and kept returning to tell Justin and I all about his love and passion for veggies.

More soon to come about last week in Sacramento!


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